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90mm PU Wheel with duble drive motor 450w*2 60KV of electric skateboard DIY kit

Specification: 36V Max speed: 35km
Motor Power: 450W*2 WH: 450w


60KV hub Motor 450W for DIY Electric Skateboard enclusure



Wheel:83*52mm 3.546 inch


Motor:83*52   450W

Motor KV:60kv

Trucks:8 inch black blasting high quality rear and front truck


Driving motor for electric skateboard

This motor is duble drive power 450W*2

The wheel size is 83mm*52mm PU wheels [2 wheel]

Motor power : dual hub motor 450W*2

Total Price : $165 USD


this motor is single drive power 350w*1

the wheel size is 72mm*51mm PU wheels

Motor power : hub motor 350W*1

Total price: $114 USD

83mm PU Wheel (2).jpg

this is non drive truck with non drive wheel

the wheel size is 90mm*52mm PU wheels

application on electric skateboard of longboard

the left side truck and wheel Total price : $46 USD

the rigth side truck and wheel total price : $46 USD

83mm PU Wheel (1).jpg

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