Shipping and delivery

Now has multiple warehouses to provide fast same day turnover service and support to our US customers, we are now able to confirm and ship the products you need in the most convenient way.

*The following information may be subject to actual conditions.

United States.

US warehouse (3-7 days)

(PS. Please note that since the board comes with its own battery, we can only see tracking updates after the board is released by customs and picked up by local couriers (i.e. UPS/DHL/FEDEX/DPD), etc.)

Overseas warehouse shipping reference.

*The following information may be affected by the actual situation.
United States: 5~7 days

Logistics Contractor

We use local logistics companies such as UPS/DP/DHL/UPS for delivery service

You can check the logistics status of your delivery through the official website of the courier service company (you can check the updated logistics tracking number in your personal Windseeker account). For some countries/regions, shipping is free and tax prepaid, however, some countries/regions require shipping and tax. If the logistics contractor has lost your package, please contact us ( and we will take care of it for you.