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90mm PU Wheel with duble drive motor 450w*2 60KV of electric skateboard DIY kit

Specification: 36V Max speed: 35km
Motor Power: 450W*2 WH: 450w


60KV hub Motor 450W for DIY Electric Skateboard enclusure



Wheel:83*52mm 3.546 inch


Motor:83*52   450W

Motor KV:60kv

Trucks:8 inch black blasting high quality rear and front truck


Driving motor for electric skateboard

This motor is duble drive power 450W*2

The wheel size is 83mm*52mm PU wheels [2 wheel]

Motor power : dual hub motor 450W*2

Total Price : $165 USD


this motor is single drive power 350w*1

the wheel size is 72mm*51mm PU wheels

Motor power : hub motor 350W*1

Total price: $114 USD

83mm PU Wheel (2).jpg

this is non drive truck with non drive wheel

the wheel size is 90mm*52mm PU wheels

application on electric skateboard of longboard

the left side truck and wheel Total price : $46 USD

the rigth side truck and wheel total price : $46 USD

83mm PU Wheel (1).jpg

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Founded in 2016 by a Skateboard enthusiast, WINDSEEKER is dedicated to developing and manufacturing vehicles (mainly personalized smart cars) for users on short trips. Its high-end electric skateboard is a perfect combination of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship. It not only strictly follows the brand concept of "changing the way we travel", but also strives to be the coolest, safest and most convenient means of transportation for short-distance travel and provide users with an excellent riding experience.


WINDSEEKER takes "changing the way of travel" as its brand philosophy, encouraging people living in the city to pursue freedom and explore the world. WINDSEEKER not only focuses on industrial design and technological innovation to create a new international brand, but also focuses on the development of traditional skateboard culture. In short, WINDSEEKER starts with skateboarding but stays true to the global environment.

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