How to Slow down on an Electric Skateboard? 2022 New Guide


When you're zooming down the street on an electric skateboard, it can be hard to know how to slow down. After all, you're moving faster than most people can run!

Here are a few tips from WINDSEEKER on how to slow down safely on your electric skateboard:

  1. Use Electric Skateboard Controller
  2. Use your foot to brake.
  3. Apply pressure to the rear trucks.
  4. Use your weight to slow down.
  5. Pump the brakes slowly and evenly.
  6. Practice in an open area before taking to the streets.

With these tips, you'll be able to slow down safely and enjoy your electric skateboarding experience to the fullest! Here are the details below.

electric skateboard

Use Electric Skateboard Controller

An electric skateboard controller is a small device that attaches to the back of your skateboard and allows you to control the speed and braking of your board. While most electric skateboards come with remote control, some riders prefer to use a controller for greater control over their board.

When using an electric skateboard controller, it is important first to read the instructions that come with your device. Before attaching the controller to your board, please familiarise yourself with the controls and how they work. Once you have attached the controller, please turn it on and within reach while riding.

To slow down on an electric skateboard, press the brake lever or button on the controller. It will engage the brakes on your board and slow you down. You can also use the throttle to reduce your speed by turning it down.

electric skateboard controller

Use the Braking System

You will need to use the braking system to slow down on an electric skateboard.

There are two main types of brakes: friction brakes and regenerative brakes.

Friction brakes use pads that rub against the wheels to slow them down. Regenerative brakes work by using electric skateboard motors to slow the wheels down.

Most electric skateboards have regenerative brakes, which are more efficient and require less maintenance than friction brakes. To use the regenerative brake, you must apply pressure to the rear footpad. The pressure you apply will determine how quickly the board slows down.

If you are still going too fast, you can use the drag mode feature on your remote control. It will cause the electric skateboard motors to stop providing power, which will help to slow you down.

Slowing Down with Your Heel

Another way to stop electric skateboarding is using your heel to help control your speed. Here's how:

  1. Start by standing on your board with both feet firmly planted.
  2. Place your back foot on the board's tail and lean back slightly.
  3. As you start to move forward, apply pressure to your back heel, which will help slow down the board.
  4. Practice this technique until you feel comfortable controlling your speed with your heel. Then you can start picking up the pace!

Dragging Your Foot

It is important to remember to drag your foot when slowing down on an electric skateboard. It will help you slow down gradually and safely.

To drag your foot, place your foot on the ground in front of the rear wheels of the skateboard. The friction between your shoe and the ground will help to slow the skateboard down. Start by dragging your foot lightly, and then increase the pressure if needed.

Always keep your other foot on the skateboard, and be careful not to trip over! If you need to stop suddenly, you can also use your hand to brake by grabbing onto something like a fence or wall.


We hope these tips on how to slow down on an electric skateboard have been helpful. Always practice safety first and never ride beyond your skill level. With a little bit of practice, you'll be able to master the art of slowing down on your electric skateboard in no time.

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