Seven important skateboard tips for electric skateboard

Seven important skateboard tips for you 

Electric skateboarding is a very interesting sport, and it gives people more quality fun time with friends even helped people a lot in daily life.

Sometimes people use it as a commute vehicle because it has fast speed which uses electric skateboard could help people from being late to school or company,

Sometimes people might use it as a tool to walk the dogs, the dogs are enthusiastic which could make people some kind of tired, Using an electric skateboard to walk the dog, it's a good way for both the owner and the dog to get its joy of fun.

Electric skateboards do have pros and cons,  

The fast speed, the powerful battery, the hub motor wheels, all add pros to the electric skateboards,

As a skater, you might need to know the tips below, which is very important to your life and to your electric skateboard ~

Wear protection gears

Do make sure that you have all the Protection gears ready when you are going skating, protection gears as helmet, elbows pads, knees pads, etc, these things are indispensable when a dangerous situation happens, the helmet would keep your head from the crash, keep your legs, wrists from broken, even its a worst scenario, it might save your life.


electric skateboard 

Stay alert while you’re riding

If you are skateboarding on the road, the first thing to do is slow down a little bit, and there‘s always important to be cautious and stay alert, this will always be helpful for you when dangerous happens, and the only people who can help you at the first place is yourself, so you have to keep it in your mind.

Be aware of your own skills

Be aware of your personal skills, do not challenge what you are not good at, if you really want to learn new skills, it is necessary to find a safe place that is wide enough.

And another important is to make sure that there are no small kids around you because when you're practicing, kids might feel fresh and make a dash for you, you won't be able to notice that ahead of time.

Keep your electric skateboard away from kids

Electric skateboards sometimes are dangerous things for people who don't know how to play them, especially for the kids, kids always have a curiosity for new things, so it’s very serious and important to keep it away from them when they don't know how to play with it.


 electric skateboard


Keep away from the traffic

Do not skateboard in the traffic, it is very serious, even though there are people who do travel in the busy traffic, but seriously, we don't suggest that even you are almost late, still have to skate in the right place.

Make sure that you can be seen

It also is important to make sure that you can be seen by other people while you are skateboarding on the road, so it’s superlative to wear some clothes that have bright color which is easy to be noticed.

Protect your electric skateboard 

Before your purchase, it is necessary to make sure that your board is water-proof or not, but even it is water-proof, still needs to be careful of the water, in case the battery be short-circuited.

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