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dual hub motor 90*52mm 450W Power truck kit

Model: 9052 Motor Power: 450W*2
WH: 450w

Dual HUB Motor 90*52mm 900W(450W*2) 75KV Power Truck

Kit includes:

· (1) Dual 90*52mm HUB Motor Mounted on Power Truck (Black, 75KV, 450W/Motor)

· (2)Note: The front truck with front wheels is not included, this is only rear power truck with dual hub motors.

Best Recommended Setup




· HUB KV: 60KV (RPM/V)

· Motor Size:90mm * 52mm

· Wheel Size – 90mm Diameter 52mm Wide 20A Duro

· Maximum Heat – 50-60°C, Max 80°C / 122-140°F, Max 176°F

· Battery Voltage – 10S3P   36V

· Peak Rated Power – 450W*2

· Continous Output Power – 450W

· Max Current – 50A

· Unit Weight: 1.275kg

· Suitable Voltage: 24-36V

· Max. Speed: 25km/h   32km/h 40km/h   (depend on battery and VESC)

· Rated Power: 450W

· Empty Load RPM: 2620rpm

· Empty Load Current: 20A

· Efficiency: 85%




1. High quality and large size stator, smooth start, high torque;

2. Under KV value 75 and 36V voltage, the RPM is 2700rpm;

3. Induction motor with Hall Sensor, Smooth Start, High Efficiency;

4. Water and dust proof, stable and durance;

5. For DIY professional Electric Skateboard.


Note: The Price is for ONE Hub motor only, if you need a PAIR, please order 2 PCS.

If you need brige with motor, controller, or battery, feel free to contact us.

We can supply all parts for you DIY.


Truck Weight and Size:

· Kit weight: 7.4kgs

· Rear Power Truck Weight: 2.8kg

· Front Non-Power Truck Weight: 1.6kg

· Truck Alex width: 286mm

· Truck Hanger width: 155.5mm

· Truck Axle diameter: 7.9mm

90mmtire skin (1).jpg90mmtire skin (3).jpg90mmtire skin (2).jpg

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